Editor’s Note June 2018

Lina Longo Editor

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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]y The Time You’ve Finished Reading This…

…some element in LED or smart technology has probably improved. That’s how fast innovation is occurring in the lighting industry right now.

Having just attended Lightfair, I can attest to the speed at which these developments are hitting the market. For example, for the past six months, I have been following research concerning the antibacterial benefits of certain LED wavelengths when applied to surfaces and areas.

Sound futuristic? I too was skeptical, so I poured over the medical research being conducted in the U.S. and Sweden. The majority of the testing was done in hospital environments to best monitor effectiveness for obvious reasons. By March, I received notice of a brand new undercabinet lighting product about to hit the market (ellumi™) for consumers that offered those same antibacterial benefits. Two months later in May, there was a handful of manufacturers at Lightfair showcasing this technology in new products applicable for widespread use.

Lighting products that offer color-tuning ability have not been in the residential market all that long, even though the commercial sector has been dabbling in that area over a longer time period. At this year’s edition of Lightfair, color-tuning products were fairly easy to find for a greater variety of applications.

I was pleased to observe an increasing number of residential lighting professionals from the showroom community attending Lightfair and acquainting themselves with these up-and-coming technology breakthroughs. There is no longer a long delay between
developments in the architectural lighting arena and those that are relevant for end-users and consumers. These days, operating a successful showroom that truly solves customers’ design dilemmas involves much more than picking out trending colors and themes. It is our goal, at enLIGHTenment magazine, to furnish you with the technical knowledge you need to sell consumers the ideal lighting solutions for their needs without overwhelming them with all of the scientific math. Look for more in-depth articles in the months to come and join us on this exciting lighting journey!

—Linda Longo
Editorial Director

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