American Lighting LED Roadshow

American Lighting Mobile LED Light Lab

American Lighting LED Roadshow

American Lighting Mobile LED Light Lab

By the time you’re reading this, the Mobile LED Light Lab  is making the rounds in Alabama and Florida, educating retailers about the benefits of LED lighting one showroom at a time.  “It’s a learning tool for the distributor,” explains Karin Bruce of American Lighting, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

The Mobile LED Light Lab is a 36-foot customized trailer equipped with examples of applications (i.e. undercabinet, display cases, toekicks) plus how-to videos and plenty of products for showroom staff, architects, specifiers, and contractors to see the products up close. Call it a show-and-tell on wheels!

You don’t need to be an American Lighting customer to request the Mobile LED Light Lab visit your stores. All you need is curiosity about LED technology or T2 fluorescent solutions and the desire to share that knowledge with your local architectural community.  The mobile lab is an ideal opportunity for distributors and their customers to experience the manufacturer’s residential and commercial lines without having to travel to a trade show, corporate headquarters, or an installation venue.

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“It’s often held as a Lunch ‘n Learn event or a BBQ for the afternoon,” Bruce says of the trailer’s showroom stop. American Lighting works with the lighting distributor ahead of time to select a date and timeframe. The retailer then sends out invitations to interior designers, contractors, architects, and builders to come explore the possibilities of LED and T2 lighting.

American Lighting has two professionals from its company on-hand to answer questions and hold demonstrations, plus the showroom has its staff ready to help clients. “We also have an interface through the iPad so people can print out cut sheets on products that they’re interested in,” she says.

Part of American Lighting’s Partner Program, the Mobile LED Light Lab features: LED T8 lamps; LED downlights; undercabinet lights in LED, fluorescent, and xenon; LED FlexForm; LED step lights; the Linear Accent series with LED festoons; LED Flexbrite premium-grade rope light; LED standard-grade rope light; LED puck lights; RGB LED wall washers; LED warm-white wall washers; LED 4-wire RGB and white; LED bandolier; LED Clear Flex: LED Neon Flex; LED channel rays; and xenon puck lights.

The Mobile LED Light Lab will also be on-site at Lightfair International in May at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trailer will be parked inside the exhibit hall in a showcase area (the company will also have a booth).

To schedule the American Lighting Mobile LED Light Lab in your area, visit the American Lighting Web site ( or ask the sales rep for your territory.

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