American Brass & Crystal Likes to be Boring

American Brass & Crystal

American Brass & Crystal Likes to be Boring… …when it comes to marketing and social media. However, if talking about quality and craftsmanship, that’s a different story.  “We’re a boring company when it comes to marketing and getting technology out there. We’re all about good manufacturing and quality products. You’re not going to buy from us because we’re more marketing savvy than [a competitor],” says company president Ross Kirshenbaum.  “We concentrate on offering the highest quality. We make everything here in the U.S. and use expensive parts — and that shows in the final product. We own that niche.”  Since fixtures can be made to order, sizes such as an oversized 24-inch lantern on display during the Dallas show can be easily accomplished, while Kirshenbaum states that most standard lanterns in the industry are only 16 or 18 inches.

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