Justice Design Group Under New – But Familiar – Ownership

Now privately owned & operated, the new ownership structure will reportedly enable faster product innovation and streamline customer service.

Los Angeles-based ceramic lighting manufacturer Justice Design Group has been acquired from Chicago-based Waveland Investments by Brandon Levin, President & CEO, and Robert Grant, VP/Sales & Marketing. Under the new structure, Justice Design Group is now privately owned and operated.

Justice Design Group has been part of the Levin family since Brandon’s father, Bruce, acquired it in 1995. At that time, Bruce Levin brought Justice Design Group into the Treasure Craft factory founded by his father (Alfred) in the 1950s. Brandon and Bruce Levin partnered with Waveland Investments in a recapitalization of Justice Design Group in 2007, which provided continued growth for the company and gave the majority stake in the business to the Chicago-based investment firm.

“We are incredibly excited about this next chapter for Justice Design Group,” says Brandon Levin. “Given recent developments in the industry, we recognized that in order to best serve our customers and specifiers, we needed to have more control over Justice Design Group’s business operations and strategy. We are driven to not only grow our business and offer distinctive product, but also to offer second-to-none customer service. Our new ownership structure will enable us to grow the company and serve our customers in exciting new ways.”

Justice Design Group has already begun investing in improving operations to better serve customers and specifiers and recently launched new, contemporary ceramic fixtures at last month’s LIGHTOVATION show in Dallas, along with the 2019 Form+Finish+Function Supplement and the In Focus catalog. In addition, the company has limited the latest tariff rate price increase to an average of 2 percent, while reducing the prices of many items and began planning for a broad product introduction in 2020, including a new box-in, box-out program of contemporary fixtures. The company has also added new staff to the operations department to improve inventory and lead-time efficiencies.

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