Lighting Science Group Provides LEDs To Sprouts Farmers Market

enLightenment Magazine reports on Lighting Scienc GroupThe newest Sprouts Farmers Market location in Lakewood, Calif, will install Lighting Science Group’s Definity PAR38 LED bulbs to illuminate its 90-foot flagship mural. The LED bulbs will replace uneconomical 70-watt ceramic metal halide (CMH) bulbs, reducing the mural’s wattage by 279 watts for a total electrical savings of 40 percent and an additional 12 percent in HVAC savings. The previous CMH bulbs required replacement every two to three years; the LED lamps have a lifespan of nearly 12 years.

“Sprouts Farmers Market prides itself on the ability to provide customers across the U.S. with opportunities to go green by specializing in locally sourced, farm fresh produce offered at attractive price points. In this way, we’ve built our business on the premise that sustainability should be the norm, and not the exception,” says Jerry Stutler, Sprouts’ vp/Construction & Facility Engineering. “The use of Lighting Science Group’s products was natural, as it afforded yet another way to integrate our company’s values into our operations. By installing their efficient and long-lasting LED lighting we will reduce stress on the state’s energy infrastructure, save maintenance cost, and brighten our shopping experience. Sprouts is doing the right thing for the planet by doing the right thing for its customers.”

“The advent of advanced LED lighting solutions has transformed sustainability initiatives from ‘feel good’ ventures to practical pathways for businesses to significantly reduce their maintenance, replacement and energy costs,” comments Jim Haworth, CEO of Lighting Science Group. “With Lighting Science Group LED bulbs, businesses and homeowners alike can do their part to help the environment and at the same time significantly reduce their energy cost.”

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