Electric Lighting Agencies & O’Blaney Rinker Assoc. Team Up

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Two Manhattan-based lighting rep firms covering the architectural community — Electric Lighting Agencies and O’Blaney Rinker Associates — have combined their mutual lighting and control system specification efforts in New York City.

The joint venture expands the current line card of both representatives to commercial lines including Juno Lighting Group, Hubbell Lighting, and Philips Color Kinetics with boutique specialty lines such as Specialty Lighting Industries, Litemakers, and Modular International in addition to 30+ other manufacturers. Each firm’s sales offices will remain independently operated with O’Blaney Rinker Associates based in Manhattan and Electric Lighting Agencies with three locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island.

The Electric Lighting Agencies, Inc. is the oldest and largest commercial lighting manufacturer’s representative in the New York metropolitan area. O’Blaney Rinker Associates is a boutique design alternative lighting agency specializing in architectural lighting and providing service from schematic development through project completion and after-market service.

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