LSA Reduces Dues to Help Showrooms in the COVID-19 Crisis

By Linda Longo

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented disruption it is causing to the lighting showroom channel, the Lighting Showroom Association (LSA) is offering lighting showrooms a 20-percent discount on annual dues through May 31. The price reduction brings the yearly cost to $395.

I asked Lisa Bartlett, LSA founder and President of Pace Lighting in Savannah, Ga., what she sees as the greatest benefit in joining the organization right now.

“The biggest [advantage] has been the real-time conversations, keeping up with the news and events that directly and immediately impact showroom operations,” she says.”I learned so much about my own closure from listening to the showrooms in California who went through this first. And that’s just the beginning. It’s the list of factory closures, the list of drop ship and freight promotions from manufacturers, how to best apply for PPP and other loans and who is getting a response and approval, to thoughts on what operating a retail showroom is going be like when this crisis passes — because we have to be planning for that time now and business will change. The engagement and thoughts and feedback being shared among members is in real time; you’re not waiting on a planned call, webinar, or event. We are in the trenches, reporting back, and planning our futures together.”

LSA is open to lighting manufacturers, independent sales representatives, and lighting showrooms. In addition to the open online dialogue among members, LSA also offers informational webinars as well as its unique Fixture & Fan Finder benefit.

For more information, visit the LSA’s website:




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