Luceplan and Modular Lighting Instruments Debut New NYC Showroom

Exterior view of the Luceplan-Modular L.I. showroom in NYC.
Exterior view of the Luceplan-Modular L.I. showroom in NYC.

Renowned Milan-based lighting manufacturer Luceplan has teamed up with Belgian-based architectural lighting systems manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments to jointly launch a new co-branded showroom in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

Designed by architect Amedeo G. Cavalchini (, the Manhattan showroom ably demonstrates the synergy between decorative and architectural high-end lighting fixtures and offers architects and designers a one-stop shop for projects. Cavalchini’s design was initially inspired by the products that would be showcased there – looking at the technical, commercial, economical, and aesthetical components. Encompassing two floors, the showroom’s mail level is divided into 22 light boxes, each infused with a special “still life using new materials such as the de Castelli-etched aluminum walls and pine wood slats. The lower level mixes old and new, integrating the original redbrick columns with modern lighting elements, to form meeting space and informal seating areas with furniture from Buzzispace.

“Linking a major Italian design brand to an architectural and technical lighting innovator was a logical and strategic pairing for both companies,” states Patrizia Vicenzi, General Manager of Luceplan. “This showroom serves as a source for engagement where architects and interior decorators, design professionals, builders, and consumers can view and experience the products and understand their capabilities in person.”

Bart Maeyens, General Manager of Modular L.I. says, “For Modular Lighting Instruments, now is the ideal time to conquer the U.S. market. We are investing a tremendous amount in the UL certification of our current portfolio because we truly believe in the growth potential in the U.S., and are now entering the next phase. Getting Modular L. I. and Luceplan both visible to the customers in the mecca of lighting design is a dream come true. The SoHo district in New York City is the perfect window to display our offerings and to create a central inspiration hub for our main target groups of architects and lighting designers.”

Adds Giuseppe Butti, CEO of Luceplan USA, “Having a space that gives designers a chance to experience and test out products at length and in a conducive and dedicated environment gives both brands an edge over the competition. In a city such as New York and even in the creative SoHo setting, this gives us tremendous advantage and we are truly grateful.”

The new showroom launch coincides with a period of extraordinary double-digit growth and competitive advantage in the U.S. thanks to the recovery of the real estate, office, and contract markets. In the wake of the success of Pétale and Silenzio, which have rapidly matched bestsellers Hope and Costanza in sales, Luceplan continues to offer a collection of functional solutions using LED sources and acoustic technology. Many outstanding U.S. projects have been completed using Pétale, including LinkedIn’s San Francisco headquarters and the Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

Founded by Paul Rommens, Modular L.I. started in 1980 as the first architectural lighting brand in the world after Rommens noticed a gap in the architectural market and filled it with fixtures that combined technology, design, and marketing. The expectation for Modular L.I. over the next three years is to become a “must-buy” fixture for American architects and their projects and to eventually become one of the leading brands in architectural lighting in the U.S. market. The new showroom currently carries the best-selling collections and the most popular brands including: the Smart series, Mini-Ritm, Spock and Stove.

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