Quoizel Announces Sales Awards

2012 Quoizel Sales Awards

Jenifer McCarty has been voted 2012 Sales Representative of the Year at Quoizel. She grew up in Connecticut, graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a major in Management Information Systems. In 2005, McCarty realized she would rather be on the road rather than behind a desk and joined Quoizel Lighting, where she helped run the Tour de Tiffany road show and trained alongside her father, Rick Martello. In 2006, she got her own territory which now includes Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Vermont, portions of New Hampshire, and Lower Hudson River Valley in New York. She is married and has one daughter with a second child on the way (due in August).

It was the second time in a row that Dave Walstad has won the award for Top Tabloid Seller.

The Corporate Service Award was presented to Bryan Ehrlich, who also won the Merchandiser of the Year Award for 2012. The Corporate Service Award is given to the person who embodies the unique value, characteristics, and culture of Quoizel plus understands and supports company initiatives and goals while possessing a positive and productive work demeanor.

The Mike McLelland Creativity Award is given in tribute to its namesake, who expressed true passion in his creativity with the tools and products presented to him. Given each year to the individual who represents the best creativity on the sales force, the 2012 honor went to Brian Slater.

The 2012 Philanthropic Award was given to Patrick Slater for his work with ChangeFire, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create new and supportive service communities through the development of sustainable, scalable, and locally led volunteer projects. Their vision is to see more volunteers (individual and corporate) apply more of their high-level skills and recruit more of their friends to the projects and causes they care about most.

QuoizelĀ Strengthens Its Presence in NYC with Bryan Ehrlich


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