30 Under 30: Danny Warmbold

This month starts our series of recognizing the outstanding up-and-comers in our industry who have already made a significant impact while in their 20s.

Danny Warmbold

Accent Lighting, Showroom ManagerDanny Warmbold
Redmond, Oregon

I have been at the company for: 7 years

How I ended up in lighting: My parents opened Accent Lighting in 1996, so in a way, I was born into the lighting industry. I started working at the showroom when I was in high school. I worked in the warehouse and handled shipping and receiving. Over time, I began to learn lighting and worked my way into sales. Now I am the showroom manager of our Redmond, Oregon store.

What I would be doing if I weren’t in the industry: If I were not in the lighting industry, I would probably be working outdoors. I have always enjoyed being outside. My dream job would be studying entomology and educating the public of the benefits of insects (which I still do on my free time).

Job accomplishment that I am most proud of to date: Working for my family’s business. Being able to help out my mom and dad makes my job worth it! It brings me a lot of joy seeing my parents relax and not have to worry about work as much.

What I like about the industry: The evolution of the product — whether it is new technology, new designs, or new features, lighting continues to change. I enjoy learning new things and I am excited to see where the future of lighting showroom is headed!

What I wish was different about the industry: I would like to see factories produce more fixtures that are for brick-and-mortar showrooms only. In order for me to survive, I need to differentiate our showroom from our internet competitors.

Where I hope my lighting career will take me over the next 20 years: I hope by then I will be running the family business and my mom and dad are enjoying their retirement. I will also be looking at expanding our existing showrooms and even opening up new locations.

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