30 Under 30: Tanner Moussa

This month starts our series of recognizing the outstanding up-and-comers in our industry who have already made a significant impact while in their 20s.


Arteriors, Senior Design Manager
Dallas, Texas

I have been at the company for: Technically four years, but [it’s more like for] my whole life if you count numerous Arteriors internships and traveling to trade shows and overseas development trips with my dad, Mark Moussa, who founded Arteriors. I actually worked in our warehouse assembly line one summer, wiring table lamps when I was 12!

How I ended up in lighting: I was born into it! However, growing up in lighting, when that was the dinner table talk, I was rebellious against the industry through my high school and college days, choosing to major in Business/Accounting. Time did tell though that I would surely make it back here — and I love it!

What I would be doing if I weren’t in the industry: I’ve always loved design — from the time I was a kid, I constantly rearranged my bedroom furniture and drew blueprints of fantasy private islands. My favorite classes were the ones when I would create things with my hands like pottery and industrial arts. If I wasn’t in the lighting industry, I would stay in the design field, perhaps architecture or interior design, or a combination of both!

Job accomplishment that I am most proud of to date: Over the last few years I led a strategy that successfully diversified the Arteriors product line by expanding our material and finish offerings. Although always beautiful, the line featured a lot of metal and glass. Now it’s evolving to a much more dynamic assortment with diverse designs and materials ranging from hand-woven pendants crafted from natural rattan to intricate table lamps layered with different patterns and stones. It has been so rewarding to see our customers embrace the new designs.

What I like about the industry: I love the people! Even though there is natural competition, everyone builds each other up, works with each other, and at the end of the day just wants to create beautiful product. It’s great that most people I’ve connected with in the industry don’t take themselves too seriously. It should be fun, right?!

What I wish was different about the industry: I wish products could be made more quickly (instant gratification). It is so rewarding to see a final lighting collection come to life, but there is SO much time involved in the design and sampling phases. In many cases it can take up to two years to see a final product ready for the public. I guess that’s what makes it worth it, too!

Where I hope my lighting career will take me over the next 20 years: I am a businessman apart from having an affinity toward lighting design. I would love to continue growing my strengths in business development either to create new product channels for Arteriors or perhaps the eventual creation of a new company!

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