Editors Letter: November 2016

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[dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#dd3333″]I[/dropcap]n a world where almost everyone seems to be providing information in brief texts or tweets, I believe savvy lighting people are actually craving more — as in more knowledge, details, and insights. Why? The lighting universe is rapidly expanding with technological developments and there is frankly a lot that one has to know in order to competently sell lighting today.

This realization that I was bucking the “Less Is More” trend came about when I was writing up the descriptions for this month’s track and recessed lighting products. Unlike the decorative end of the home décor business, there are many technical details that need to be conveyed beyond finish color, materials, and size. These captions may be long, but they’re lengthy for a good reason. My goal is to save you some time in repeatedly searching company Web sites or through catalogs to find out whether a particular product would be suitable for your clients’ applications. The more information, the better. What good are pretty pictures if they’re not relevant to your needs?

Speaking of how technologically advanced our world has become, it’s now common knowledge that the blue light emanating from our electronic gadgets (i.e. tablets and cell phones) as we email or read social media streams at bedtime are interfering with our sleep patterns. That’s a by-product of “lighting” that we weren’t talking about as recently as five years ago. There is also research on the connection between lighting and migraines, which one of our writers details in this issue. These are relatively new examples of medical phenomenon involving lighting that could impact builder and design industry clients as well as consumers. 

Similarly, there are a lot of developments going on in residential and commercial lighting – including legislation – that require more detailed reporting than ever before. Providing substantial content without overwhelming readers with technical jargon is our goal. We want to give you more than the basics so that you can convey this relevant information to your customers, allowing them to make the best lighting decisions for their needs. Happy reading!


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